RFID Technology In My Industry-Food Industry

The paper should include: Cover Page, Abstract, Table of Contents, Main Body, References and Attachments.

·         An Introduction– specific description of the business problem that the RFID system will be used to improve or enhance.

·         An overview of the chosen RFID system including:

·         Basics of the RFID components that were chosen.

·         Any advances in RFID that are used in the system.

·         Any Industry Standards that are used in the system.

·         Business Justification - Business Process Integration (BPI).

·         Benefits and/or disadvantages of the RFID


·         Planning, purchasing/installing the system.

·         Security concerns or practices associated with the RFID system (Privacy/Middleware/Information Safekeeping/Data Access, Transition & Operations, Authentication, and Authorization - user ID password.

·         Impact of implementation - A description of administrative procedures – human and process changes; any changes in Organization policies or enhancements to include training requirements.

·         Maintenance of the system - Information layer, storage, decoupling (field mx).

Appendices (Documentation could include:  business case, project plan, etc



9 to 10 pages, no plagarism please, APA format is required.



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