This Week In Your Learning Team, You Queried Your Sparkle Diamond Database. For This Assignment, Practice Creating The Database With Ten New Records Andexecuting The Queries On Your Own. Practice Making The Lists You Provided In Your Learning Team Assignm

This week in your Learning Team, you queried your Sparkle Diamond database. For this assignment, practice creating the database with ten new records andexecuting the queries on your own. Practice making the lists you provided in your Learning Team assignment.

Prepare a 6- to 8-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes that includes:

  • Normalized ERD
  • Screenshots showing the query results
  • SQL statements for each of the required queries
  • A thorough explanation of the process you used to determine the data types used in each table
  • A thorough explanation of the most difficult process in designing and building the data and how organizations overcome these difficulties

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