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1)  Describe how each component of a business continuity plan (BCP) ensures a business will continue to function with minimal interruption.


2) You have been assigned as a project manager to develop a new user interface for a brand software application. What specific SDLC model would you use to develop the software? Explain why you rejected at least one alternative SDLC model.


3)ERP systems are comprised of core and extended components. Please describe the fundamental purpose of core and extended ERP components and how these components add value to the business.


4) You are asked to troubleshoot an IT problem. Would you take a reductionist or holist approach? Explain your reasoning for selecting one versus the other for different types of IT problems.


5) Explain when you would recommend outsourcing a specific IT

solution and when you would recommend insourcing the same IT solution using the framework of mitigating risk, minimizing cost, and creating business value.


6) A good research process involves knowing or determining the credibility of each information source. Explain the process you will use for identifying research material sources types and determining information source credibility.


7) As a researcher, you will examine various information sources (e.g., WebPages, books, journal articles, blogs, wikis, etc.) on your chosen topic. Explain your approach for finding and documenting relevant information about your topic.


8) Network response time and data center uptime are common metrics for information technology. Explain how these metrics relate to business value.


9) A colleague of yours has violated the ethics policy regarding the use of information technology. Please describe how you

would address the situation.


10) Please describe when efficiency is important in a business environment, and give an example of when effectiveness is more important than efficiency. Make sure your two examples include an aspect of information technology.


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