Economics Project

(POWERPOINT FILE ONLY) Create at least one slide in a PowerPoint presentation for each of the questions below. Each question should have a minimum of one graph clearly communicating your data to answer the question. You are to use the most recent data from the sites referenced in class. You have creative license to add details that might enhance the project but make sure to submit at least the minimum requested for each question. Also, to substantiate your data, place a hyperlink on each slide to reference the data used for that particular illustration; make sure the hyperlink works. Once complete, upload one PowerPoint file into the submission portal in Blackboard (e-mailed copies are not acceptable). Illustrations must be created by you and not cut and pasted from another source.

1. What weapons are most often used in the commission of a crime?

2. What are the most common types of crimes committed in the U.S.?

3. Is there a difference between longevity

based on age, gender, and race?

4. How does educational attainment vary across states?

5. How well do U.S. students perform today compared to the past in math, science, and reading?

6. How is household income distributed in the U.S.? What is the cutoff for each quintile and the top 5% of income earners?

7. How does poverty vary across race and gender?

8. How do the 10 richest people in the world differ in the industries where they made their fortune? 


B. (EXCEL FILE ONLY) Using a multiple regression template and data from the CIA fact book for all OECD countries, determine the effects and significance of the following variables on the GDP-Real Growth Rate. Submit one Excel spreadsheet with ANOVA and an explanation of all regression metrics learned in class.

 Gross National Savings

 Household Consumption %

 Government Consumption %

 Investment in Fixed

Capital %

 Investment in Inventories %

 Exports of Goods and Services %

 Imports of Goods and Services %

 Agriculture %

 Industry %

 Services %

 Industrial Production Growth Rate %

 Distribution of Family Income (Gini Index)

 Taxes as % of GDP

 Budget Surplus/Deficit %

 Public Debt %

 Inflation Rate %

 Central Bank Discount Rate %



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