7 Page Anthropology Assignment 1

This assignment is in 2 parts. Please submit them seperately. They do NOT need a cover page. Only provide 1 page for the topic. Instructions are below. Please be sure to follow them carefully. I need this returned in 24 hours if possible.


I already chose the topic! The topic is "Language disabilities" (in regards to anthropology and linguistics). Please make sure it is related to anthropology and linguistics. 


In addition to what I have picked to write about, you will be required to write 2 paragraphs/1 short page about three elements you would like to think about in relationship to the topic you have selected.




Literature Review The second stage of the paper will consist of your literature review of a 7  scholarly articles related to your chosen topic.  You should present each of the articles you

have chosen individually as well as within the framework of your overarching paper topic. If your articles are not appropriately scholarly, you will lose credit.  The overall length of your literature review should be approximately 6 pages.


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