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For this assignment out of AWR, please flip over to page 30 of AWR and look at the "Checklist for global revision" that takes up most of the page.  This is inside of section C3-b.

To complete this assignment, simply answer all of the bullet point questions listed within that checklist box, BRIEFLY explaining yourself for each one.  You do not need to turn each answer into a paragraph or anything, but say more to answer each item than simply "yes" or "no."  Briefly explain each response.  Of course, what I am after here is to make you evaluate what you have produced as your final draft of your paper, and I hope you will consciously or subconsciously use that evaluation to further improve the content of

your essay.  See...I'm not just torturing you with additional stuff to type...I'm trying to help you here, believe it or not!

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