Treatment Options For Substance Abuse Are Wide And Varied. Some Are Geared Toward Prevention; Others Toward Relapse Prevention. Substance Abuse Often Has A Devastating Impact On Families. What Emotions Might You Feel If You Had A Family Member Who Kept Re

Treatment options for substance abuse are wide and varied. Some are geared toward prevention; others toward relapse prevention. Substance abuse often has a devastating impact on families. What emotions might you feel if you had a family member who kept relapsing? What would be your breaking point for that family member who continued to use? Would you be able to cut them out of your life? Would you want to? Of the treatment options discussed in the text, which do you think is most effective? Which, in your opinion, is the least effective? Other thoughts?


MLA Fomat  100-150 Words

Due 4/26/2017 Eastern Time at 3pm

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