Critical Process Paper

Throughout the semester we will learn about the structure of the media business, and their role in society. The concept of media conglomerates, an example of media convergence or cross platform, is a business structure where a company has ownership of different subsidiaries under one large corporate umbrella.  These media giants and their media holdings (subsidiaries) can be in various aspects of the media, such as television, music, magazines, and newspapers, etc.


Learning Objective

In groups of 2 students,  you all will research a media conglomerate (parent company) of your choice. This publicly traded company can be one we have learned about during the semester, or a company that has not been covered in the text or in class. In choosing a company, you all are selecting one that has a personal connection with your media experiences. After choosing a media conglomerate, groups will apply the critical

process by researching some of the subsidiaries (at least 4-5) of the media conglomerate. (Refer to Ch. 13 Media Economics & Global Marketplace to gain a better understanding of media conglomerates and media economics) 

 total 7-10 pages, 2-3 pages introduction  and 5-8 pages critical process




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