12 Ratio Comparison Between Chevron Corporation And Exxon Mobil | 3 Days | $50

Hi All, 


Prepare 12 ratios of your choice to compare Chevron Corporation and Exxon Mobil. 

Follow the instructions below. Attached is a sample, follow its format. The analysis for each ratio should one paragraph only. (6-8 Sentences). Also Attached is an interactive 10K file for both companies. Please, note you're doing 12 ratios on Two companies for two years. The sample contains three companies and three-year comparison. 


- Work Must be original. 

- Must follow the sample format attached

- Due in three days. May 14th end of the Day PST. 

- The final answer is an Excel file with formulas inserted, and a PDF or Word with complete comparison charts and analysis. Should be minimum 12 pages (one page for each ratio)

- $50 assignments, all others will be rejected. 




Your report should contain the following



  1. Table of contents.


  1. Executive Summary.  Briefly report the summary of your findings and state which company you feel has the best ratios and why you like it the most.


  1. Introduction.  Describe briefly the industry you'll be analyzing, their major characteristics, and explain how you report is organized, i.e., what each section will contain.


  1. Methodology.  Describe the process you used to identify and select the companies on which you will prepare your report.


  1. Overview of the companies.  This section should include a brief overview of each company in your report.


  1. Ratios.  In this section, you must use at least 12 ratios to do your analysis, and

    two years of data.  Please use ratios from the following categories:  liquidity, asset management, debt, profitability, and valuation. 


  1. Your ratio analysis is the most important part of this paper.  Take the position that you are a financial analyst, and thus, your report should state the implications of the ratio figures to investors at large.  Describe the recommendations you would make to the management of the company in order to improve each of their ratios.


  1. Creativity.  The use of different type of graphics, colors, table, and etc. are very important.

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