Preliminary Media Schedule

Deliverable Length:  10 slides and 1500 word script in single space

Review the course scenario.

This assignment is based on the Sof-A-Logue scenario linked above.

You have been tasked with writing a preliminary media schedule for the upcoming product launch. Media calendars can be written in a variety of ways to include the specific media choices. Research how one can be written so that you may present the schedule to the company's brand managers via Web conference.

Media Calendar Presentation

You will include the following:

  • Write a clear advertising media objective.
  • Define the advertising strategy.
  • Define the

    target audience.
  • Draft the creative message and how it will appeal to your target market.
  • Describe the media mix and how you will reach the target market.
  • Define two traditional media options, two digital media options, and one other medium that you believe will best appeal to your target market. Justify your choices.
  • Create a 1-year media calendar with specific media choices.

Your assignment should be comprised of two files:

  • The PowerPoint presentation will be at least 12 slides in length.
  • The body of the Word document must be at least 1,500 words: single space and include a copy of your media calendar. Be sure to cite and reference your resources in the Word document. 

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