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In this module, we discussed the major types of cyberscams and cybercons, the financial/personal damage that they can cause, and the difficulties that law enforcement faces with attempts to control these crimes. For this discussion post, I want each of you to do the following: 1) Select which cyberscam/con that we discussed that you believe is the most dangerous; 2) Find a real-life example of the con to include in your post (e.g., screen shot); 3) Explain why with a few detailed sentences your chosen cyberscam/con is the most dangerous (provide a minimum of two major points). In your two minimum replies to fellow classmates, be sure to state whether you agree/disagree with them and why. Also, provide a minimum of one law enforcement response that could be used to combat this issue (it is okay to think outside of the box). Do not be afraid to challenge them on their positions, just be respectful.

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