IT-316-3476-Analysis/Design Info Systems-3476-08/2017

Class :IT-316-3476-Analysis/Design Info Systems-3476-08/2017
Assignment :Week 1 - Information System Inventory
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Due Date :Mon, Aug 07, 2017 11:55 PM MST
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Complete Project #1 from the Chapter Exercises in Chapter 1 of the text.

 Write a paper of approximately 250 words that addresses Project #1 from the Chapter Exercises in Chapter 1 of the text, found on page 40 under section titled "Projects."


Here is the project they are referring to:


Developmental Process for an Agile Project

Activities and behaviors shape the way development team members and customers act during the development of an agile project. Two words that characterize a project done with an agile approach are interactive and incremental. By examining Figure 1.5, we can see that there are five distinct stages: exploration, planning, iterations to the first release, productionizing, and maintenance. Notice that the three red arrows that loop back into the “Iterations” box symbolize incremental changes created through repeated testing and feedback that

eventually lead to a stable but evolving system. Also note that there are multiple looping arrows that feed back into the productionizing phase. These symbolize that the pace of iterations is increased after a product is released. The red arrow is shown leaving the maintenance stage and returning to the planning stage, so that there is a continuous feedback loop involving customers and the development team as they agree to alter the evolving system.

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