Use The Argument And Example In Professor’s Document

Now you are a student, use the argument and example in professor’s document to argue that in some cases, cheating (copywriting, copy other one’s stuff or something else) is good, necessary, and could improve yourself

1.     no copy from anywhere unless it is an example

2.     it must be APA format

3.     no grammar error and use your word appropriately and gorgeous.

4.     Use at least 5 example in old history (from 1200 -1899) and at least 3 example in modern history(1900-2012). If you can find someone or some country doing things great or achieve great success by copy (you have to use solid evidence) other ones result, it will be better

5.     you need to write no more than 150 summary to conclude why copy(cheating) in some cases is good and necessary. You need to write at 6least 1000 word to prove you



6.     you have 2 days to deal with it, the due time is 8/28 11pm in san Francisco time.

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