[Individual Assurance Of Learning Exercise 1](https://learn.liberty.edu/webapps/assignment/uploadAssignment?content_id=_18615718_1&course_id=_377881_1&assign_group_id=&mode=view) Individual Assurance Of Learning Exercise 1 Complete Assurance Of Learnin

Individual Assurance of Learning Exercise 1

Individual Assurance of Learning Exercise 1

  1. Complete Assurance of Learning Exercise 1B, Step 4, on textbook page 36. (Note: In addition to the instructions, you may choose to use the company's corresponding website for the Annual Report and/or the Securities and Exchange Commission's Edgar database for the corresponding 10K.)
  2. Complete Assurance of Learning Exercise 10C on textbook page 324. (Note: There are correct and incorrect answers. Please review the additional resources (in the Additional Materials Folder) prior to answering these questions).
  3. Complete Assurance of

    Learning Exercise 1D, Steps 1–2, on textbook page 36.
  4. Complete Assurance of Learning Exercise 1F, Step 1, on textbook page 37. (Note: You can use www.strategyclub.com in the assignment instructions or Standard and Poor's. Standard and Poor's can be accessed via Liberty University's Online Library.) Upon completion of Step 1, prepare a 1-page summary of your findings using current APA format.
  5. Place the results of the exercise(s) in a single document and submit it via the link provided. Include your name, class, section number, and the number of the exercise(s) on the attachment (e.g.: 1B, Step 3). Be sure that the assignment is in a business-professional format; include current APA citing and referencing.

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