Personal Narrative

Part 1: Visit www.teamworkonline.com (this is one of the most robust job search platforms for the sports industry). Conduct a search of 5 different job postings that are of interest to you and note the responsibilities and skills required.


Part 2: Write a personal narrative about yourself that includes the following: 1) Summarize your current (or most recent) work related employment as well as any sports industry related experience you may have. 2) Identify which of the 5 job postings on the Teamworkonline.com platform is most interesting to you and discuss why. 3) Discuss the skills you currently possess that would transfer over to that position as well as the skills you feel you need to acquire or improve on in order to be successful in the position.   


The narrative should be between 500-750 words in length and follow APA formatting - 12 font, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins, double



***pick any jobs and just write about it. you can make up the personal narrative as well. I will alter it as need it

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