Source A. The Aztecs Believed They Lived In The Age Of The Fifth Sun. Four Times Previously, They Wrote, The Earth...

Source A. 

The Aztecs believed they lived in the age of the Fifth Sun. Four times previously, they wrote, the earth and all the people who lived on it had been destroyed. They predicted their own world would end in earthquakes and hunger. In the Aztec year Thirteen Flint, volcanoes erupted, sickness and hunger spread, wild beasts attacked children, and an eclipse of the sun darkened the sky. Did some priest wonder whether the Fifth Sun was approaching its end? In time, the Aztecs learned that Europeans called the year Thirteen Flint 1492.2


1. What is the Thesis of Source A? 

2. What list the evidence that is provided?  

3. Weigh the Evidence in Source A (what statements support the thesis the best and why) 

4. Are there any Assumptions in Source A? 


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