RESPOND TO THESE DISCUSSION POST BASED ON THE TOPIC “What aspects of a risk assessment do you feel are the most important? Give examples to support your answer and explain your rationale.”


 1.RZQ CK. Important aspects -Risk assesment

 Threats are the most important risk analysis factor of an assessment are the most important aspects.   To truly evaluate your risks, you must understand what factors will lead possible your network or organization being exploited.  This includes physical factors as well.  If you store hard copies of sensitive information at one of your facilities, what is the likelihood it may be subject to theft?  What if your information needs to always be assessable from users with the appropriate credentials?  How susceptible is the network to power failure?  An example of this is if your organization often

partook in high stakes business proposals for multi-million dollar government or international business contracts.  Your proposals are based on data from different divisions of your company located in various geographic areas that your team only has remote access to.  Understanding the possible threats, leads to the successful evaluation of the remaining risk factors, which are all become important for successful risk management.


2.Fdk OP ).

Risk assessment is very critical in any organization, business, and institutional certain. It enables the management of potential problems that could undermine key business initiatives. The most important aspects of risk assessment are:

The identification threats- Identifying threats in any risk assessment is very important. For example contributing human factors to threats such as illness, death, and loss of very technical employees. For technology, it could advance in

technology or from technical failure.

Controlling the threat identified is also a very important aspect of risk assessment.  By controlling the threats problems can be observed to find ways to prevent and detect threats. For example, to prevent a high-risk situation from happening in a network certain firewall can be installed on servers and computers to control threats and attacks.

To conclude, performing risk assessment has the ability to impact the success of any organizational certain or project. It allows the examination of risk faced by organization helping decide between moving forward with a decision or staying put.


3.Flg Ptl). Risk assessment

Like many would agree, risk assessment steps are all important for proper functionality. One piece of chain cannot be broken, at that point each component is incomplete. In my opinion, identifying risk in second step is crucial. It is true that one can have preventative

measures, however if a system is unable to identify the risk, then solution to the issue would not be found and future mitigation for vulnerabilities would not be approached. Identifying risk is like having a straining net. For example, if someone is wanting to have a cup of tea with a tea bag which is broken. Due to slow leak, unless a strainer is not used, one would not know that there's tea leaves in the water unless they drink and choke on it. Similarly, identifying the risk allows to minimize any risks that are foreseen or potential risks that a company should be aware of. 



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