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We believe that what's good for students is good for everyone: schools, employers, community, and other students! That’s why we not only help students find jobs and internships, but also offer scholarships to help fund their education. AfterCollege has awarded more than $1,000,000 in scholarships and student activities through our program to date. As a job and internship resource, our scholarships are for students who demonstrate professionalism and effectively communicate how they will be exemplary candidates in their field. This means that we evaluate applicants with the eye of a hiring manager, so: watch your grammar, check your spelling, put your best accomplishments forward and you may get paid for thinking about your future!



Eligibility requirements:
- Open to currently enrolled students working toward a degree (AA,AS, BA,BS, MS, PhD) in a field of business. Business may include (but is not limited to):

Accounting, Advertising, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Human Resources, International Relations, Management, Political Science, Public Relations, etc.
- Minimum 3.0 GPA



How To Apply (Please Read Carefully and Completely):


Click the blue “Apply” button on this page (after you finish reading the directions completely).

A pop-up will prompt you to either create or update your AfterCollege profile, which serves as your scholarship application. Complete your profile step-by-step in the pop-up window. You can edit your profile as much as you'd like until the deadline.

The scholarship committee will review applicants' profiles to determine the scholarship recipient.




1. Edit Your Personal Details: This is where you’ll enter your personal statement, which is the main criteria used to determine the scholarship recipient. We look for a

succinct but impactful, resume-style personal statement that describes your goals and the value that you bring in an academic and/or professional context (200 words or less). You also have the option to upload an introductory video here, if you choose.


2. Edit Your Education: Provide your school, major, graduation date and GPA.


3. Edit Your Work Experience: We don’t expect all students to have relevant work experience yet, but part-time jobs, internships and volunteer positions can help demonstrate your character, skills and strengths.


4. Edit Your Honors, Awards, And Scholarships: Showcase what you’ve already accomplished.


5. Edit Your Skills And Languages: Enter your Hard Skills (specific skills, like expertise in specific programs, typing speed, special certifications or licenses), Soft Skills (general skills, like communication, networking or

time management) and any languages you speak.


6. Hit “Apply Now” to check out your profile to make sure you’re happy with it. Feel free to go the extra mile by uploading a picture or linking to samples of your work or projects.   




More details on making a great AfterCollege Profile:





Official Scholarship Rules:


href="http://www.aftercollege.com/content/article/scholarship_official_rules/" target="_blank">http://www.aftercollege.com/content/article/scholarship_official_rules/


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