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For part 1 of the final project you are asked to complete the following sections:

The Needs Statement:
Develop a one to two page needs statement.  In this section discuss the community problem that your program is designed to address and include data that supports the problem exists in the community the program serves. Also identify the nonprofit organization and its mission statement, the nonprofit program that addresses the community need, and the target population or clients the program serves.

Goal Statement and Objectives:
Develop a one sentence goal statement that directly relates to the identified community problem. Use the information you learned in week two to write a compelling and worthwhile goal statement. 

Develop two objectives designed to attain the program goal.  Each objective should be measurable in terms of time, place, target population, and anticipated increase or decrease.  The

objectives, if successfully met, would indicate the progress made toward your goal. Ideally, your objectives should be one or two sentences long.

Narrative Statement including Methods:
Write a narrative description of the project. The narrative description should include the methods or activities that will be conducted to achieve each objective.  Also include a brief explanation of how your goal relates to your need and how your objectives make progress toward your objectives.  Use straightforward language, avoiding jargon, and carefully proofread your document before submitting it. You want this section to be a summary that accurately, but interestingly, describes the details of your project.

Annual Budget:
Using the textbook, lectures, and online research as guides, prepare an annual budget and budget justification for your project.  The annual budget should be a two column table inserted into your Microsoft Word

document. Click here to refer to a sample annual budget.  The budget should be designed using applicable line items and their related financial amounts.  Use your knowledge of the program and an internet search to determine the appropriate line items to include in the budget. 

Ensure the following for the annual budget:

  • The annual budget should have two main sections.  In the first section, list all the income items.  If you anticipate any grant-related income, that should also be reflected. In the second section, list all the expense items.  Group the expenses together by whatever categories make the most sense to you—refer to the example attached. Make sure that the categories tie into your narrative and account for the costs

    associated with your objectives and methods.
  • The income and expenses sections’ totals must equal for the budget to balance. If in-kind items are included in the budget, include any in-kind income and reflect an equal amount of in-kind expenses.
  • Include a budget narrative which provides details related to each income and expense line item included in the budget.

Overall, you want to provide a straightforward, professional line item budget and budget narrative.  They should provide sufficient details so that the funding source can tell exactly how you plan to spend the grant funds if they are awarded and precisely how you determined what the amount of each expense.

Cash Flow (or Month-to-Month) Budget:  Using the annual budget as the foundation, prepare a cash flow or month-to-month budget. Make sure that the amounts associated with each line item matches the timing outlined in the objectives and methods. Do not just divide

the amount of each line item by twelve and indicate the same amount will be spent each month for each line item.  Make realistic assumptions about the anticipated grant funds disbursement. Ensure that you make the assumptions transparent with a footnote. If you anticipate any income or expense being linked to particular activity, make sure you reflect that income in the month it is likely to be received or spent. Prepare the cash flow budget using the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet provided. 


sample of the annual budget and the cash flow budget is attached


Assignment  Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Identified a concrete community problem and included a description of the target group.20
Provided justification for the problem, sufficient to be convincing that the problem actually

Submitted a goal statement of not more than a sentence that relates directly to the needs assessment.20
Submitted two objectives measurable in terms of time, place, target population, and anticipated increase or decrease.20
Submitted a well-argued explanation of how the goal relates to the needs and how the objectives would ensure progress toward the goal.20
Created an annual budget using applicable headings, subheadings, and account names from the "Uniform Chart of Accounts." Include a budget justification.40

Created the month-to-month cash flow budget using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and did the following:

  • Used the suggested format.
  • Ensured timing of income and expenses is consistent.
  • Ensured the cash flow budget is consistent with the activities described in the project narrative.
  • Ensured the cash flow

    budget is free from typos and math errors.
Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner utilizing APA format. Utilized appropriate type and number of scholarly sources for graduate level work. Demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources. Displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.40


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