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Which of the following statements about the Whiskey Rebellion is FALSE?


Thomas Jefferson felt it was important that the new government


Members of the Federalist party


As a result of the actions taken by President Adams in 1799,


During Washington's second term in office,


According to the Kentucky Resolutions,


The Twelfth Amendment to the Constitution


Each of the following is true of the election of 1800 EXCEPT


In the early 1790s, British actions toward the United States indicated


Why did Jeffersonians' fear strong financial institutions?


Which of the following would Alexander Hamilton have proposed?


Which of the following was NOT a Hamiltonian idea?


How did the XYZ Affair affect U.S. politics?


Why did

Jefferson and Madison oppose the Alien and Sedition Acts?


Why did the Sedition Act distress many Americans?


How did Washington's and Adam's cabinets compare to today's?


The large increase in the national population reflected in the 1810 census resulted mainly from


By 1810, one-fifth of the American population was made up of


According to the policy of peaceable coercion,


Upon arriving in the West, many settlers


The Chesapeake Affair of 1807


At the Battle of New Orleans,


Chief Justice John Marshall believed in judicial review, which is


As the chief negotiator with France, he engineered the Louisiana Purchase.


Tecumseh and his brother Tenskwatawa


How can Jefferson's first term best be characterized?


What was the

main function of American cities during the Jeffersonian era?


In what ways was the War of 1812 strange?


Why were regional identities formed in the U.S. in the early nineteenth century?


In what ways was Jefferson a powerful president?


How were the Orders in Council and Berlin/Milan Decrees similar?


How did cities of the early nineteenth century compare to cities today?


Jefferson’s trade embargo with Europe put enough pressure on the economies of Britain and France to stop them from harassing American shipping.


What document is the source of the principle of “separation between church and state?”


According to the video, what describes the original intent of the first amendment in terms of religion?


Who commissioned Lewis and Clark to explore the territory west of the United




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