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A major source of information for the colonists was


The Tea Act of 1773 was passed in order to


George III believed


What was the main purpose of the continental "Association"?


The English political philosopher most often cited by American rebels was


Prior to 1774, Samuel Adams's role can best be described as


The Suffolk Resolves advocated


The radical American group that first emerged during the Stamp Act crisis was known as


The Sugar Act differed from earlier regulations, such as the Navigation Acts, in which way?


Which of the following was NOT a task facing the new nation?


What did military strategists in 1779 predict would be Britain's last chance for victory over the colonies?


Which of the following did not occur as part of the Stamp Act



Which of the following explains why England lost the Revolutionary War?


After the Revolutionary War, why did many American Loyalists, who returned to England, feel betrayed?


Which statement best explains why the Boston Tea Party became a famous symbol of the American Revolution?


The compromise which resolved the dispute between the large and the small states included each of the following EXCEPT


As understood in the late 1700s, a republic was a system in which ultimate political authority is vested in


Under the terms of the ________, an orderly process for laying out lands and towns in the western territory was established.


An important fact about the Americans who wrote the first state constitutions was that they


The controversy which delayed ratification of the Articles of Confederation



The three-fifths rule concerned the issue of


The Articles of Confederation


What did women gain as a result of the American Revolution?


Why did the new Constitution of 1787 call for the election of a president by Electoral College?


How were women affected by the political ideas of the American Revolution?


Why didn't William Paterson's New Jersey Plan appeal to most delegates of the Philadelphia Convention?


Why did those who campaigned actively for ratification of the Constitution call themselves "Federalists"?


How did the question of slavery impact the Constitutional Convention?


How did disagreements between Federalists and Antifederalists reflect the political climate of the 1780s and predict the climate of the 1800s?


The Articles of Confederation was

proposed in 1777, but not ratified until later in 1781.


Which of the following best describes the Connecticut Compromise?


Which of the following describes one way that Protestant Christianity influenced the American Revolution?


What was the original purpose of the Constitutional Convention?


Some of the founders were Deists, but not in the same sense that we define Deism today. Which of the following best describes the Deism of this time?


Who of the following may have influenced Patrick Henry’s oratory?



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