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question 1

Describe how urbanization, housing shortage, the migration of whites to suburbs and the urban unrest led to the rise of racialized neighborhoods. What are the causes and consequences of segregation? How/why does environmental racism affect mostly low-income communities of color? Why do you think that environmental racism is not dealt with more harshly by state, federal and/or county authorities when it happens in low-income, ethnic communities?




Discuss the concepts of mass incarceration and racial terrorism and give examples of how you see it happening in the U.S. today. Explain how the increase in fear of crime among Americans led to the increase in the building of prisons and the lengthening of prison sentences for those convicted of crimes. How/why are people of color more likely to be found guilty of a crime (regardless of whether they are

guilty)? Do you think that the "deterrent effect" of harsh penalties for crimes works? Why or why not?

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