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  • Critically evaluate the effectiveness of the monetary policies adopted in a country of your choice in addressing the consequences of the financial turbulence following the crisis of 2007-8. Have these policies had a favourable influence on the country’s overall macroeconomic performance?

    In your answer, explain what targets have been adopted by the country’s monetary authorities, and address questions such as the following:

    ·     Have these targets changed since the crisis?

    ·     What has been the relation between the country’s government and its central bank and other monetary authorities?

    ·     How have the country’s monetary policies differed or resembled those of other countries?

    ·     To what extent have the country’s monetary policies responded to, or influenced, those of other


    ·     What debates are currently topical regarding its monetary policies, within the country and from outside it?

    ·     What current domestic and international circumstances are likely to influence the outcome of these debates? 

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