Assignment 2: Final Project—Lily Dance Fitness Patent Enquiry

Lily's Lily Dance Fitness business is quite successful. She is in production of her second video and has been approached to do an infomercial to promote it. Lily has copyrighted and trademarked her videos, name, and logo. She wonders if she needs to patent her fitness method to prevent others from using it.

Part I:

Your attorney asks you to research the merits of patent protection in Lily's particular situation and draft a memorandum and recommendation on whether patent protection is desirable in her case.


In the memorandum explain what protections a patent offers, who they are available for, and under what circumstances. Conclude with a determination on whether a patent would benefit Lily Dance Fitness, and provide a rationale for your answer.

This assignment has two parts and you have to complete both parts of the assignment.

On a

separate page, cite all sources according to Bluebook format.

Part II:
Update all final project-related deliverables based on the feedback provided by your facilitator for a Final Project submission. You have already received comments from your instructor on your previous weekly final project assignments so these suggestions should be incorporated into your final draft of this project. Submit the consolidated project to the facilitator as you would submit a case file to an attorney.


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