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    Hello Mohammad,


    Attached is the plan for the new health care program focusing solely on the Somali community:


    The vision of this program is to focus on providing exceptional quality health care services to the Somali refugee community.  By focusing on this community, we want to ensure that they receive the health care needed, regardless


    Sustaining this program can be done by having small fundraisers every quarter.  These fund raisers can bring awareness and education of the organization, as well as raise the funds needed to keep the program going.  In order to receive a grant, we would have to prove that there is a need for it, especially within this population.  Being that there is a huge Somali refugee presence in our community,

    it would be in the best interest of the state to assure that these people are healthy and receive the health care needed, as it would be the best for the community and they wouldn’t have to rely on public resources in that area, as much.  We would also work on bringing in investors who donate money depending on the success of the program.  This will help us to make sure that we are doing everything in our power to remain successful and always looking for ways to improve.


    I am very knowledgeable of the organizations that we would need to collaborate with to make this program a success.  I also know that though it will be hard work, we can get the money and the clientele needed to make this program successful, so long as we organize and secure the resources needed to get this program up and running.  Because there is a serious need for this program, we will be successful, but people need to know that it exists and that we provide

    exceptional healthcare services.


    I am ready to do the work and I also have the experience and the knowledge to lead this new initiative.  We need to focus on the vision and get to work.  Having people to volunteer will save us money and connect us with people in the community.  This new project is all about unifying and providing and that is my specialty.  I am really looking forward to working with you and the Somali community.  This will definitely be one for the books.




    Rebecca Hall

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