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    Review the responses of at least two other learners and respond to their work.

    Consider the following ideas in each response.

    • Contrast each learner's posting with the plan you proposed.
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of their plans.



Dear Mohammed,

A good idea for a fundraiser regarding the Somali people could be to make a soccer tournament since is the most popular game in the country. To attract the Somali community, only Somali people will be allowed to play, although other nationalities can come to the activities and watch the games. The point to only be Somali people allowed to play is to unite more the Somali community and to help strengthen their relation with those from other communities.

                As part of the fundraise, teams should register for an amount of money, should

be sponsor by a Somali business or establishment, and kiosk spots should be rented for selling food and drinks plus Somali apparel such as headgear, and accessories. The collected money will go to the funds for the community group, and also Somali contributors will benefit from the community since they will be participating in supporting the community group.

The best approach is by spreading the word around the community, schools, community stores, radio, and Television if possible and if there is a station near the community. This strategy will encourage and motivate the Somali people to reach for each other in times of crisis, and support the community group to help them receive the best public health services. As stated by Homan (206 p. 267), a thing that you may want to think is about people are not ask to participate, but giving them the opportunity to be part of something good and meaningful.


Homan, M. (2016). Promoting community change: Making it

happen in the real world (6th ed.), Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. ISBN: 9781305101944

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