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    Read the posts of your peers and respond to at least two. Try to choose posts that have had the fewest responses thus far.

    • What additional knowledge, skills, or abilities do you feel your peers should develop related to their career vision?
    • What strategies or resources can you share to help your peers develop in their identified competency areas?
    • What insights did you gain from your interview that could help clarify their vision?




The skills and abilities that are crucial to my success in my psychology specialization is critical thinking skills. Critical thinking skills are necessary because within the Industrial-Organizational field, there will be many opportunities where I have to work on projects to figure out the best way to help a business, whether it be financial help or help with other task. Also, good customer service skills,

people skills, organizational skill, and learn to be accountable. Good customer service skills and people skills are important because I will more than likely be working with a team in my career and/or I will have to deal with people. Organizational and accountability skills are important because I need to be able to stay up-to-date on information and due dates of projects. Additionally, being accountable is important because if a job that I am working on with others do not go well, then I cannot blame others because it was a team effort.

I learned that there is no licensure or certificate that is needed to become an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist. I also learned that I can get into the actual I/O field with a master’s degree and still earn a decent amount of money, but it is better to get a Ph.D. The majority of I/O psychologist end up becoming professors and teaching at different universities. The information that I gathered from the research guide was the I/O

society, the different jobs, and the websites one can go on when looking for a job in I/O psychology. I learned that I/O psychology is male dominated so it will be hard for me especially, being that I am a minority. I learned that it I important when starting in the I/O field to learn and absorb everything I learned so I am able to pass it on to others because there is not much training that I will be doing when I start the job.

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