HRM6623 W3

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Due: Thursday Aug 31 Midnight SINGAPORE time (Please Google SINGAPORE TIME to know what time)

Answer Question 1 (p.144) and Question 2 (p. 176) - 5 points

Must include at least 2 (2) citations and appropriate references from relevant academically sound sources and only one reference of the two can be the text book.  Citations and references must adhere to the latest APA format. Academically appropriate sources are peer reviewed journals, text books, conference proceedings, dissertations etc. They are NOT Forbes.com, Business Week, Wikipedia etc.


1) Why is needs assessment information critical to the development and delivery of an effective HRD program?

2) Why are behavioral objectives and lesson plans important to effective HRD interventions? What role should objectives play in the design,

implementation, and evaluation of HRD programs?  How can objectives be of value to trainees?


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