For Phyllis Young Only

Select a Fortune 500 company which you will research the entire course. 

My choice is :Amazon.com



The body of the report should be 8–10 pages excluding title, references page(s), and any appendices.

Address each of the following:

Employee Engagement Strategies

Global Talent Management

Corporate Social Responsibility

Human Resource Technology

Employment Law and Human Rights Issues

Emerging Trends in Human Resource Management

Human Capital Challenges in the 21st Century

Best Practices in Human Resource Management





Review information on the company’s mission, core values, history, leadership, and strategy.

Review the company’s history and examine its global presence in terms of production, facilities, manpower and corporate social responsibility.


the company’s products or services, examining possible differences by geographic region or subsidiary/division.

Review the company’s use of technology, examining possible differences by geographic region, product, subsidiary/division, or functional department (marketing, legal, information services, human resources, advertising, etc.).

Review the company’s human resources philosophy and examine the demographics of its workforce, paying close attention to policies or practices relative to diversity, affirmative action, gender, sexual orientation, and disability.

Check the company’s investor relations page.

Use the following link to help you research: Company Research Guide:



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