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What is the connection between intervention planning and resource utilization? Give an example




Intervention: In civil law is third party intervention in a case or a civil case that is ongoing between the defendant and the plaintiff


Intervention planning: A technique used to plan a process for solving a problem by a person / institution / organization whose role is vital. This is a method that aims for training and recovery and promotes stabilization during a case. This plan provides services in the form of responsibility, educational support, rehabilitation and others. This is a tool used to promote stabilization in a



Utilization of resources: Ensuring the right service delivery to the right people at the right time by optimizing the available resources.


What is the connecting between the two? Both are applied in a case to plan activities and at the same time utilize the resources available to the organization / institution / country for a particular purpose


Example: In criminal justice, you plan how to use criminals by utilizing their skills constructively such as painting, installing a water pipe or even creating a toll / road



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Thanks for hopping on board and I like how you mentioned the importance of having the right resource at the right time for the right offender. Not all clients or offenders will respond the same way to the resources offered due to a variety of responsivity factors. It is careful planning on the part of the human services worker when it comes to connect the client to resources in the community. Using resources that are available to address risks and needs is key. What might be the end result if we don't connect to the right resources for the client?

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