Technology Essay




Technology is a part of the world our students live in. As a teacher leader, how will you help classroom teachers see the place where technology “fits” into the educational experience in their classroom? 


1.     Explore at least five different types of technology available in the school where you work, in a local school within your community, or in a school you attended in the past.


2.     Construct a chart that is one page in length; the chart should contain three columns, which should include the following information:


a.      Type of technology


b.     Use of technology by grade level


c.      Advantages to utilizing the technology


3.     Write a three-page essay addressing the

following issues:


a.      Recommendations for various content-area or grade level teachers on how they might use the technology.


b.     What type of training would enhance the classroom teacher’s mastery of the use of each type of technology?


c.      How can each of the identified technologies differentiate instruction and enhance learning for various subgroups of students?


d.     Provide rationale for your recommendations (using at least two sources beyond your textbook).


e.      Properly cite these resources using APA style.

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