EDU 352: Foundations Of Educational Technology Week 2 Dq 1

Analyze Examples of Technology Integration 


To ensure that educationally focused technologies are effective in teaching, many factors must be considered. Some of these include the learner characteristics, the environments in which they will be used (online, face-to-face, or combination), the applicability to the learning objectives, ease-of-use, qualities that foster high levels of student engagement, critical thinking, and more. Read the Assessing Classroom Technology Integration http://www.educationworld.com/a_tech/tech/tech243.shtml  article, which gives you some good ideas for how to evaluate technology integration in the classroom. Examine several of the Examples of Effective and Ineffective Technology Integration listed below. The complete references for these examples are listed in the

title="EDU352_Week_Two_Resources_8.4.17.pdf" href="https://ashford.instructure.com/courses/8101/files/1437549/download?verifier=7qoL5dkEu9aefPg4phb7c85LSuZAO2gVwta0hGwV&wrap=1">Week Two Resourcesreview the documentiew in a new window document.

Examples of Effective and Ineffective Technology Integration



Initial Post
In your initial post, identify one example of effective and one example of ineffective use of technology (include a citation for each chosen source).


  • What role did the technology play?
  • Which was more important, the technology or the learning of content?
  • Why did you characterize each example as effective or

    ineffective? Justify your analysis.



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