Not An Essay (news) 6 Hours

 you have 6 hours only to do it it's not an essay answer like the example 


Based on the handout “News Values,” brainstorm five story ideas that have at least two news values. Think about stories that impact your community with sources you can access.


The ideas should be presented as a story pitch to an editor and be about three sentences long. State the idea, its news value, the kinds of sources you could interview about the story and any visual opportunities the story has.


DUE: Start of class on Thursday, Aug. 31





STUDENT LOANS: Aside from borrowing student loans, some students help pay for school by taking a job on the side. Some pick the opposite route and trade in their studies for the party scene. These decisions, good or bad, have the potential to postpone graduation in four years and increase

the amount of student loans borrowed. Instead of paying for what they want to buy like a house or car, recent graduates will have to start paying off their student loan debt.

INTERVIEWS: Student Jessica McDonald, university financial aid officer Sue Smith and economics Professor John Sherman about the impact student loans have on the economy.

VISUALS: Possible chart or graph of average student loan debt over time.


NEWS VALUES: Timeliness, proximity, impact

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