Classical Argument Position Paper

This assignment requires you to write a position paper using the classical argument structure.

There are five requirements for the Classical Argument Position Paper:

1.    Write a classical argument position paper of 750-850 words.

2.    Consult at least seven sources for your paper including at least one article from a database and one scholarly article (these can be the same article if it meets both criteria). List all sources in your references list.

3.    Cite at least three different sources actually in your paper.

4.    Use the following organization for your paper:

a.     Get the reader's attention by means of an interesting, engaging introduction.

b.    Give the necessary background information so the reader understands the issue.

c.     Clearly state your


d.    Provide a forecast of your main points in the paper.

e.     Clearly state the reasons that support your position and support each reason with appropriate and sufficient evidence.

f.      Summarize one major objection and effectively respond to it.

g.    Provide a strong conclusion that summarizes your argument, calls for action and/or leaves a powerful impression.

5.    Use appropriate APA style documentation for in-text citations and a separate references list.



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