Week 2 Discussion 226

Analyze at least 3 classmates’ comments into one new comment of your own. You must analyze/synthesize viewpoints and assumptions of classmates and experts.

(ALLEN). By identifying and articulating the common interest,partnerships can be developed to promote the shared goals.  (NBCH, Jan 2014)  That right there is one of the first steps to take in assisting a campaign with a similar health agenda as your own.  Before that do a little research on other campaigns or organizations.  Once identified build a relationship with members involved in the campaign to build trust.  At this point it would be very important to cover the basics of what the goals are, who will do what, and essentially plan and learn your place in the campaign.  There will be strengths and weaknesses on both sides of the spectrum but that is where good planning and teamwork will help everybody involved.  An example for this can be that they have done all the research on a

subject and you know a little as well but you have relationships already built in the community to help get the campaign more momentum.  I use this example because there could be a much larger campaign going on that is being brought into the city where you reside.  A great example to show my case and point is the Partnerships to Improve Community Health (PICH) and the Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) programs funded by the CDC.  (CDC, 2016)  This is an interesting program funded by the CDC but done by Health groups with projects in different communities.  The CDC has certain focus areas to be concentrated on that focus on reducing the prevalence of chronic diseases.   A good health education specialist will already have local contacts and influence over some portion of the population that will be targeted in the campaign.

As far as which responsibilities and competencies of a Health Education Specialist assisting a campaign,

 I have to say that all of them can.  I say this because planning, training, promoting, analyzing, adapting, finances, and all other aspects will be used before, during, and after a campaign.  The job of a health education specialist does not change due to assisting a campaign rather than running it.


(BOB). How can you assist a campaign with a similar health agenda as your own?

I would do research and find out who in the area would be the most influential in the area of concern and reach out to them. I would volunteer my time and help in any way that I could. It is important to check with different people to make sure that they want the same things that you are looking for. But even if they do not agree with all your ideas getting the word out is the most important thing in the area of health issues.  One of the most effective things to do in support of anything is something that most people do every day, talk to your neighbors, friends,

family and people that you work with. It is a great help if the people that you are trying to get to support your views get elected into office and one sure way to help make that happen is to ensure that your voice is heard. Get out and vote. Make appointments to go talk to the representatives in your area. “The reason a lot of people do not recognize opportunity is because it usually goes around wearing overalls looking like hard work.”( Thomas A. Edison) It will take work but if you want to see something change you have to be willing to put forth the effort.

What responsibility(s) AND what competency(s) of a Health Education Specialist does assisting a campaign fall under?


Under the area of Plan Health Education/Promotion, section 2.2 develop goals and objectives would follow with getting the word out to the people. You must first have a plan of what you hope to achieve and what the goals of what you would like to see happen would be. Be passionate

Stand behind your issues and know what it is that you want to see happen. (HESPA) 2015


My process of continuing to assist with the campaign would be targeting my audience and conducting my research to see what age groups to interact with and how to interact, method of gaining their attention based of things they seem to take interest in the most. I would do that by going out face to face and asking them questions on things they see are problems and ways to help resolve them. 


J(OHN). Next step would be to have volunteers to join and team up with the subject matter experts and coming up with different ideas and strategies a group that can help with the campaign ensure that the right message and intent are being met. Having the local clinics and hospitals to help assist with any questions, provide the necessary information to help educate everyone and teach them about certain things regarding health and ways they can start implementing a

healthier lifestyle. It is also important to have people there whom provide a great influence in the communities like the Mayor, parents, and healthcare staff members to help gain the interest of the community.

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