Trident University International, RES500, Module 2 - SLP


Trident University International, RES500, Module 2 - SLP


Study Designs


The next step in the research process is immersing oneself in the empirical literature on your research topic to determine the extent to which your research question (identified in Module 1) has been addressed. To this end, please use the Trident University Online Library to conduct a literature search on your research topic. Remember, your goal is to discover the extent to which a knowledge gap exists with regard to your specific research question.


Your task for this assignment is to:


Locate five peer-reviewed journal articles that present studies relevant to your topic, and synthesize these into a four-page paper that summarizes the “current state of knowledge” with regard to your research question. Research question: Does obesity increase the risk of developing



Note specifically,


1.    Study findings relative to your research question (positive, negative, and inconclusive).


2.    Any additional questions left unanswered by these studies.


3.    How addressing your research question would help to fill a knowledge gap (should your research question fall short of this, you may need to propose an alternative one).


4.    The specific population to which your study will apply (and ultimately, your study’s targeted sample).


SLP Assignment Expectations


1.    You are expected to consult the scholarly literature in preparing your paper; you are also expected to incorporate relevant background readings.


2.    Your paper should be written in your own

words. This will enable me to assess your level of understanding.


3.    In order to earn full credit, you must clearly show that you have read all required background materials.


4.    Cite your references in the text of all papers and on the reference list at the end. For examples, look at the way the references are listed in the modules and on the background reading list.


5.    Proofread your paper to be sure grammar and punctuation are correct and that each part of the assignment has been addressed clearly and completely.


6.    Your assignment will not be graded until you have submitted an Originality Report with a Similarity Index (SI) score <20% (excluding direct quotes, quoted assignment instructions, and references). Papers not meeting this requirement by the end of the session will receive a score of 0 (grade of F).

Do keep in mind that papers with a lower SI score may be returned for revisions. For example, if one paragraph accounting for only 10% of a paper is cut and pasted, the paper could be returned for revision, despite the low SI score. Please use the report and your SI score as a guide to improve the originality of your work.


Length: 4 pages typed, double-spaced.


Note: Wikipedia is not an acceptable source of information.




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