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Read and Respond to each of these peer DQ work with 3-4 sentence each


Peer 1


The first grant guidelines that I will be looking at will be the one from the art Midwest. They are a part of the NEA Big Read Foundation based on their eligibility criteria for them you must be a 501 c 3 you must have a partnership with the library University or college level and the library must be affiliated with their educational Institution. A part of applying means that you must choose one of the 28th reading selections there are different reading selections to choose from to be awarded a grant. There is a duns number that is needed before applying as well the duns number is a partnership company that helps to find your number in the organization does help for other business owners to find you to network and to link with you. An active system for award Management number is also required.

The second grants was the MAXIMUS.

Their criteria was to work with local state and feral agencies.  They have a management team that tailors the eligibility for participants. The eligibility is streamed lined and tailored to the application system. 

The third grant that I looked at was the heart math tutoring Grant this grant was worth $350,000 the criteria for it was that needed to be a nonprofit organization that worked with elementary schools. The schools needed to be in a particular District to be able to service a certain amount of students about 105.

            To approach grants differently I would not Taylor make the criteria certificate for candidates. I will have a set criteria and expect for only those that fit them to apply. If I were to set Pacific guidelines for specific organizations or people then I will just make the executive decision to just fund them and their cost. My strategy would be to Market two organizations that

I will be able to solely help but not to exclude anyone from still applying. The reason why is it helps that organization to know that we are providing something that is applicable to what their goal is and that we are there to help.

Peer 2

There are many types of grants and grant providers. Not only is it important to understand them in order to identify grants for which you may qualify, but also the evaluation criteria required by each funding stream.

There are three phases to an evaluation process:

·         Evaluation assessment or framework (planning stage);

·         Evaluation study and

·         Decision making based on findings and recommendations


The evaluation assessment phase identifies the main issues and questions to be addressed and develops appropriate methods for

gathering evidence.  The information is presented to the funder for evaluation in the form of options from which most appropriate can be selected.  Once specific terms of reference are developed, the evaluation begins when collected data is analyzed to produce findings about the evaluation issues.  The findings are subject to recommendations and form the basis on which decisions about the future of the program are made.  The reporting of these findings helps maintain accountability for results.

Evaluations can be internal, external and independent.  The following criteria will be used to evaluate proposals:

  • Quality of the proposal (i.e., significance, relevance of methodology, importance of findings, value to larger academic community, etc). Proposals should be framed in a manner easily understood by someone outside your discipline. Proposals must include proper budgeting.

Evaluation strategies include the use qualitative methods to

provide a summation answering the following questions:

·         What did you accomplish?

·         Were program objectives accomplished?

  • Was the target population changed?
  • Did you meet the timeline?
  • Was the program cost effective?
  • What new knowledge was generated?

Quantitative data is also used to provide easy comparisons derived from existing sources such as records surveys and assessment.  It provide for descriptions about program activities, context, and participants’ behaviors via document review, observations, focus groups, interviews, and open-ended questions on surveys.

Another strategy would be to create a logic model that illustrates the relationship among program/project elements to include:

·         Inputs: Resources necessary for program


·         Activities: Interventions that will be implemented to achieve outcomes

·         Outputs: Direct products obtained as a result of program activities

·         Outcomes: The impacts, changes, or results of the program activities and outputs; link to your objectives and your goals

I would approach authoring a grant differently by paying close attention to specific outcomes aligning with the objectives.  It is imperative that funders see how the money is spent and what impact it has.  Funders do not want their money wasted.  Therefore, in the future, I would definitely include benchmarks or controls, include plenty of data to support my efforts and include a sustainability plan in the evaluation press to further support my efforts.




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