Application 3 – Annotated Bibliography

·         Articles

·         Fichman, R. G., & Kemerer, C. F. (1999). The illusory diffusion of innovation: An examination of assimilation gaps. Information Systems Research, 10(3), 255--275.
Retrieved from the ABI/INFORM Complete database

The author of this article looks at how new advances in IT may be acquired, yet still not fully deployed within their firms.

·         Linck, J. S., Netter, J. M., & Yang, T. (2007). The effects and unintended consequences of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and its era, on the supply and demand for directors. Review of Financial Studies, 22, 3287--3328.
Retrieved from the Business Source Complete database

The authors of this article look at the effects the Sarbanes-Oxley Act has had on directors.

·         Martinsons, M. G., & Martinsons, V. (2002). Rethinking the value of IT, again. Communications of the ACM, 45(7), 25--26.
Retrieved from the Business Source Complete database

This article challenges the opinions of IT and the belief that IT is responsible for productivity gains.

·         Poon, P. P., & Wagner, C. (2001). Critical success factors revisited: Success and failure cases of information systems for senior executives. Decision Support Systems, 30(4), 393--418. Retrieved from http://paul-hadrien.info/backup/LSE/IS%20470/litterature%20review/CSFs%20failulre%20senior%20exectuives.pdf

This article looks at critical

success factors (CSFs) and how they are involved in the development of information systems.

·         Scott, J. E., & Vessey, I. (2002). Managing risks in enterprise systems implementations. Communications of the ACM, 45(4), 74--81.
Retrieved from the Business Source Complete database

The authors of this article look at determining factors of a successful implementation.

·         Wang, B., & Paper, D. (2005). A case of an IT-enabled organizational change intervention: The missing pieces. Journal of Cases on Information Technology, 7(1), 34--52. Retrieved from the ABI/INFORM complete database.


This article looks at an organizational change intervention and how the process could have been handled differently.


·         MANAGING




·         eGovernment Initiatives Case Study: New Models for Success Douglass P. Smith Emporia State University retrieves from http://scholarworks.waldenu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1138&context=ijamt


·         Does the Success of Information Systems Really Matters to Firm Performance?  Retrieves from



·         Factors Affecting Knowledge Sharing In Information Systems Development Projects

Optional Resources

·         Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2010). Concertive Control. Baltimore, MD: Author.





·         Application 3 – Annotated Bibliography

As part of your doctoral seminar for this set of weeks, you are participating in a seminar-style discussion about the weekly topics. Recall that you were asked to address 5 of the Required Resources and at least 5 additional resources from the Walden Library and to incorporate them into your posting. As a related exercise, submit an annotated bibliography of the 10 resources you referred to this week. For each entry, be sure to address the following as a minimum:

·         Include the full APA citation

·         Discuss the scope of the resource

·         Discuss the purpose and philosophical approach


Discuss the underlying assumptions

·         If referring to a research reporting article, present the methodology

·         Relate the resource to the body of resources you have consulted in this course

·         Discuss any evident limitations and opportunities for further inquiry


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