Input/Output System And Functionality In The Von Neumann Architecture

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Interrupts are used as a mechanism to remind the central processing unit (CPU) to use its power to control the use of input/output (I/O) devices. It is good to use interrupts because it will manage the conclusion of printing, saving, deleting, and opening, and so forth, of different files and action on the file structure and I/O devices. Interrupts are a way for the operating system to tell the hardware to get orders from the CPU to carry out an instruction.

Using drawing or presentation program, create the following:


  • Draw an architecture of one computer that will handle interrupts of different kinds, such as writing, opening, printing, spooling, and so forth.
  • Illustrate the use of interrupts by depicting the actual interface between the CPU and its devices.
  • Using your computer, find out how to manage bad sectors (possibly remove them) to limit inability to access data that are corrupted from the magnetic disk.

    Please explain thoroughly.

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