Review The General Topics You Might Choose To Discuss In Your PowerPoint Presentation. The Goal Of This Project Is For You To Answer The Following Questions:

Humanities class. Please see the attachment which contains the list of gneral topics. I'd like to select Medicine as my topic. I work in a medical billing office so I have some general knowledge of this topic and feel that medicine was something that significantly improved our quality of life.


Review the general topics you might choose to discuss in your PowerPoint presentation.  The goal of this project is for you to answer the following questions:

  • How has it historically affected mankind?
  • What events or ideas have altered the aspect of human life?

You will also need to comment on the current status of the topic.

  • How is the issue/idea impacting people in modern America?
  • Are there current ideas or events influencing the topic?

And conclude by drawing some conclusions about the topic in the future.

  • Will the issue continue to impact modern people and if so,

  • Will there be changes for the issue in the future? How do you know?

THIS WEEK YOU ARE TO EXPLORE THREE POSSIBILITIES FOR YOUR PRESENTATION.  Once you have spent time exploring three topic possibilities, you are to write 150 words (one paragraph) on the one you chose and why.  Submit that paragraph through Blackboard.

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