Biology Reading Homework Due ASAP With 2 Flow Charts

GUIDELINES: Each student will analyze two primary literature articles of their choosing. For each:

1.     Print the abstract of the article and attach it to the analysis.

2.     Create a concept map/flow chart of each section of the article that outlines the ideas presented and in the order in which they are presented. This is meant to be a summary of the structure to show how each section is organized to provide a clear line of thought and “story” throughout the article. 

3.     A brief paragraph explaining the structure of each section of the article, immediately following each concept map/flow chart. For example, how did they progress through the material in the Introduction so that you were provided with enough background information but also lead to the specific

objective of the study?


4.     An overall summary paragraph providing reflection on how the article is structured and how different aspects of that structure help or hinder in your ability to follow the story or understand the study. For example, if the study incorporated multiple experimental components, did the authors always present the information about these components in the same order throughout each section of the article?




here are the two primary literature 




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