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  • What questions do you have about the requirements for your peers' profession?
  • What resources or individuals are you aware of that could help them clarify their career goals or requirements for their field?

While I am finishing my degrees I plan on taking the exam and becoming a BCaBA (Board Certified assistant Behavioral Analyst). While working as a Behavioral analyst assistant, I will need to be supervised by a BCBA (Board Certified Behavioral Analyst). Once I earn so many hours supervised I can then take the exam to become a BCBA. After I graduate with my doctorate I plan on taking the board exam and becoming a licensed Clinical and forensic Psychologist. I live in West Virginia, the APA licensing requirements is that I as a graduate student have 500 hours of supervised direct client contact by the end of my doctorate program. I did my research on different organizations that govern my specialized field which is clinical

psychology with a specialization in forensic psychology. What I found was that there are a great deal of organizations that govern clinical psychology because of the wide range of disorders that clinical psychologists can treat. Some to mention include: schools, hospitals, nursing homes, businesses, jails, and psychiatric hospitals. The field in which I currently work there is a limited amount of individuals that will be helpful to me and my career. The individuals that have been and will be helpful to me and my career are my clients I work with every day. They are all different in the way they handle stressful situations and in their disorders. The book Career Paths in Psychology was a very interesting book and I enjoyed what I read a great deal. As I read the book I really did not learn much about my career; however, I learned a lot of interesting facts about other fields of psychology. The reason I did not learn much about my career path is because when I chose my career as a new

college student I did extensive research. The APA Code of Ethics has been a helpful resource and will continue to be. 

As of right now I do not have any questions in regards to career. I have spent a lot of time doing research on my career choice, the requirements, licensing procedures, the pros/cons of the job, and the Ethical codes. The information that I could not find out by doing research in my opinion is only stuff that can be learned by hands on experience. 

West Virginia Psychologist License Requirements | LP Requirements in WV. (2017). Psychologist-license.com. Retrieved 29 August 2017, from http://www.psychologist-license.com/states/west-virginia-psychologist-license.html#context/api/listings/prefilter

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