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PDF documents. Please follow the guidelines I sent you The first page is only an example of where you can find medical articles You may use other research resources ones as long as they are peer reviewed medical journals.

It must be free of grammar, follow exact guidelines. 

The tilte of the project is Mental health breaks/ stress relief breaks for nurses at the health care setting. It must emphasiazes the pros/ benefits of breaks at the hospital for nurses to decreases nurses burn out, increase in patient care and decrease medical errors. emphasized "nursing team must be supportive and help each other to increase Pt care." You may use at least use 3 intervenions such as nurses breaks such as taking at keast 15-30 minutes lunch break, Aroma therapy, or making sure your co-workers (nurses eat their lunch and take their break), help each other at work or any ither holistic approach that can implement and assure that nurses are taking at least 15

minutes break specially during a stresful day.  Just Be creative, and realistic

Make sure you add references at least 3, use at least one book reference the other 2 can be online journals. On

the guidelines only do step 1 to 11. Use citations.

Do not worry about the rest of the steps bs I will create a power point after you are done with the information.But please add the references.

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