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  • What questions do you have about the requirements for your peers' profession?
  • What resources or individuals are you aware of that could help them clarify their career goals or requirements for their field?

My plans include earning my master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Within the state of Pennsylvania, to obtain a degree in I/O Psychologist, one does not require a license, certificate, or any other requirements. To determine that an I/O in Pennsylvania does not require a certificate, license or any other requirements, I looked on the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and looked up licensing for my state.

An I/O can be governed by a professional organization or can have no organization governing them. This all depends on where I choose to work, for example, I can freelance which means I am not with a particular organization and I am called in to help a company as my own person or I can join other I/O

psychologist to help out an organization (Sternberg, 2017). If I were to get hired by a company then I work within the company to help with the employee problems, financial problems, etc.

The professionals and individuals that would best help in my professional network would be individuals who are I/O psychologist and people working within Human Resources. I would connect with people from Human Resources because if I do not go into consulting, I can work within human Resource as a manager or a person hiring new employees. Overall, it is always best to network with many people because a person may not be in my field but they may know others who are in my field and set me up with the right connections.

Reading the Sternberg text was really helpful because it went into depth about the advantages, disadvantages, a typical day-to-day summary, and many more aspects of an I/O psychologist. Looking on the websites also helped because I found out that I do not need to be licensed to

become an I/O psychology and the resource guide helped me better understand the level of education I will be receiving, what I will get out of the overall courses, the degree, and career outcomes of an I/O psychologist.

I have no questions about the requirements in my career. I feel my interview, the Sternberg text, and research that I did helped me better understand what it takes to become an I/O psychologist. I know there may be questions that I will have in the future, but as of right now, I feel confident about my knowledge on my career requirements.


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Sternberg, R.J. (2017). Career paths in psychology: Where your degree can take you. Washington D.C. American Psychological Association

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