Assess Potential Risks For Businesses

You have been hired as a consultant to assess security needs for ABC Valve Plant. The company has formed a working hypothesis for potentially why the plant has been operating at a loss for a couple of years.

Use the attachment to review the case study on ABC Valve Plant.

After reviewing the case study, write a 3 to 5 page paper (excluding cover page and reference page) that assesses the potential risk to security and propose potential solutions.

Your assessment should address the working hypothesis as well as address additional areas for inquiry and investigation.

  • Assess the risks to security at the plant.
  • Propose three or more possible solutions.
  • Utilize data and a provide rationale to support each proposed solution.

In addition, your assessment should include the following:

  • Discuss additional inquiry and investigation that is

  • Outline the steps that will need to occur to investigate security needs at the plant.
  • Discuss the data that will need to be collected to analyze security at the site.
  • Discuss how data will be collected (e.g., observation, interviews, analyze of purchasing records, etc.).
  • Identify at least two ethical concerns in how data is collected in assessing the risks of the plant.

(PLEASE NOTE: This essay will require outside research. Use at least three credible sources beyond the text material.)


USE ONLY ACADEMIC SOURCES: Use Google Scholar, JSTOR, textbooks, and/or .gov websites to keep the true academic sources in your papers. TURNITIN MUST BE UNDER 20%

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