M2D2-HIS 330

Major Martin Delany, c. 1865. Author: Unknown, photograph by dbking. Image retrieved from Wikimedia Commons.This discussion addresses the following outcomes:

            • Compare and contrast the differing perspectives on the inclusion of African Americans in American society before and after the Civil War (CO#2, CO#5)

In a post of at least 250 words consider the following:

  • Faced with discrimination in the North, Black leaders like Martin Delany called for a return to the African continent. So did some White abolitionists, who

    created what later became the country of Liberia in West Africa. Were such plans a realistic option for the majority of free Blacks in the United States?
  • Could many 19th-century free Blacks have moved to Africa and prospered, or was it merely, as Takaki dismissed it, “Nostalgia on the Niger,” based on a false vision of the realities of African life?
  • Support your answer with references to the readings.

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