Prepare a PowerPoint for an in-service you will lead for the entire faculty in your building. The topic of the in-service is “Differentiating Reading, Writing, and Spelling Instruction.” The presentation should demonstrate the philosophy of differentiation that you and your school hold. The PowerPoint should have 12 slides, and the format should resemble the following:


Slide 1: Title slide


Slide 2: Intended outcomes for the in-service 


Slide 3: Rationale


·         Why is this important to you in your content-area?


Slide 4: Reading strategies


Slide 5: Writing strategies


Slide 6: Role of spelling


Slide 7: Brainstorming   


·         How can you implement some of these strategies?


Slide 8: Conclusion  


·         What have you learned?


Slide 9: Reference slide


Complete the “Notes” section for each slide. Clearly explain the content of each slide in order for every teacher at the in-service to find value in the content for them.

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