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Kelly Gore


Mr. C. has been diagnosed with HTN, Sleep Apnea, and Peptic
Ulcer Disease


Bariatric surgery is an option for Mr. C. but without more
knowledge of what other interventions he has tried in the past this should be
used as a last resort. For instance, does Mr. C. exercise? Has he tried proven
weight loss measures, such as Weight Watchers or following a clean eating diet?
Are his other health problems being managed? For instance, has he had a sleep
study and does he use a Cpap? Bariatric surgery comes with its own host of
health related problems. People that have undergone this type of surgery suffer
from complications such as Pernicious Anemia, Psychological

Addiction, Dumping Syndrome, Malnutrition, and Hypoglycemia (Ferreira, L.M.,


Mr. C. has been diagnosed with peptic ulcer disease and the


The patient reports eating meals at 7 a.m., noon, and 6
p.m., and a bedtime snack at 10 p.m. Plan an administration schedule that will
be most therapeutic and acceptable to the patient.


0600: Carafate 1G


0700: Breakfast


1000: Mylanta 15 ml’s


1100: Carafate 1G


1200: Lunch


1500: Mylanta 15 ml’s


1700: Carafate 1G


1800: Dinner


2030: Bedtime Snack


2130: Mylanta 15 ml’s


2230: Zantac 300mg and Carafate 1G


Health-perception: Mr. C. appears
to be concerned with his health and has a realistic perception of what he needs
to change in order to

improve his life. He is seeking information for bariatric
surgery and stated that he has always been heavy and that he has gained approximately
100 pounds in the last 2-3 years.Health-management: Mr. C. has HTN,
eats a low Sodium diet, and has sleep apnea .Nutritional-metabolic: Has gained
approximately 100 pounds in the last 2-3 years, Eats a low Sodium diet,


Elimination: No information provided on this.


Activity-exercise: Patient works at a catalog telephone center but does not list activities or exercise.


Sleep-rest: Patient has sleep apnea


Cognitive-perceptual: From limited information provided appears to be alert and oriented, and has the ability to work at a telephone center.


Self-perception/Self-concept: Mr.C. appears to know he is overweight and is ready to take measures to correct


Role-relationship: No information



Sexuality-reproductive: No information provided


Coping-stress tolerance: No information provided


Mr. C. is hypertensive and while he tries to control his blood pressure with a sodium restricted diet, he needs additional workup and possibly medication since his blood pressure at the visit was 172/96. Mr. C. also needs a workup for Type II DM as his fasting blood glucose
was 146 which is out of normal range. Possibly be treated with Metformin as this will also help with weight loss. Mr. C. has high cholesterol and needs a statin prescribed. Mr. C. needs a Cpap machine if he does not already have one due to his sleep apnea. This will also improve energy levels and help to decrease weight gain. Mr. C. could benefit from a nutrition consult to treat not only his obesity but also help with a cardiac, diabetic diet. Mr. C. could also benefit from the help of a counselor, as he is seeking help for his weight, he

may have poor self-esteem which could lead to depression. All patients undergoing bariatric surgery should be treated by a counselor prior to and after surgery due to the change in body image.









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