In Depth Movie Review

Seeking an in-depth movie review of  "Gangs Of New York" Martin Scorcese, starring Daniel Day-Lewis. The subject is Organized Crime impact on the underground economy & American Power. 4-5 pages, plagiarism sensitive. Must be relevant, on topic and college level writing. Seeking A grade.


MOVIE; THE GANGS OF NEW YORK, Martin Scorsese-Daniel Day-Lewis

Requirements for the movie review:

Movie reviews are a bit more subjective and reviewed as an insightful, in-depth analysis as intellectually possible.  Dissect the movie; see what its underlying message was. Think, for example, of the following questions: How does the movie review fit the theme we are studying “ORGANIZED CRIME & THE UNDERGROUND ECONOMY = U.S. Power”What does it tell about the topic? What were the underlying points the movie tried to make? In 4-5 pages, Push your analysis to an

intellectually rigorous and challenging direction.



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