Unit VII Research Report The Influence of Civil and Criminal Laws and the Criminal Justice System Description or Explanation: This research report will cover your in-depth knowledge of property rights as they relate to search and seizure, and the protection of arrest and the right to counsel. When thinking about your report, it is important to consider civil and criminal laws which have influenced outcomes in the Criminal Justice System. You will find cases and/or laws that cover both civil law and criminal justice law as it relates to the following:  Property rights to rules of search and seizure  Protection of arrest and the right to counsel. When examining the civil and criminal law, think about the objectives below to help guide you in formulating your research report.  Historical makeup: Give an overview of the civil case and criminal case which helped to shape the criminal justice system.  Describe the distinct differences between the civil law and criminal

law.  Discuss the reasoning behind these cases and laws.  Discuss the influence and outcome of these laws on the American criminal justice system.  Summarize the impact of these two cases as it relates to shaping our criminal justice system. Requirements: The research report must be a minimum of five pages in length, not including the title page and reference page. Refer to the Waldorf Online library or outside sources. A minimum of three sources must be used. All sources used including the textbook must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. All references and citations must be in APA style. (Wikipedia is not a credible resource and should never be used. 





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